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灵川县概况(Overview of Lingchuan County)


Outstanding people and smart land;Lingchuang stands out as a shining pearl on this abundant land,the northern part of Guilin.It is a ideal place to invest.

1、自然条件(1.Natural conditions)

地理位置:灵川县地处湘桂走廊南端,广西壮族自治区东北部,地处东经110 0 17' -110 0 47',北纬25 0 04' -25 0 48 '




Location: ling chuan county is located in Xiang-Gui corridor south, northeast of Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region,located in east longitude 110 ° 17 '~ 110 ° 47', north latitude

25 ° 04 '~ 25 ° 48'.

Area: the county jurisdiction over 129incorporated villages , 4 townships, 7 towns the county area of 2301 square kilometers, has a land area of 24,500 hectares.

Population: the total population of 380,000, there are 19 ethnicities in the county including Han, Yao ,Hui,etc.

Climate:lingchuan coungty has a subtropical climate: has four distinct seasons ,  abundant rainfal , with an annual average temperature of 18.7℃, 1614.7 annual average sunshine hours , with an average rainfall of 1941.5mm , yearly frost-free time add up to 320 days , a comfortable place to live and suitable to the raising of crops.

灵川区位优越,设施完善(Superior locationand Complete Facilities)

2、交通优势(2.Traffic advantages)


Ling chuan county is located in northeastern guangxi, is located in the southern tip of xiang-gui corridor, the east, south, and west sides around guilin. 11 kilometers from the center of guilin county, is apart from the guilin train starting station 7 km, 26 kilometers from guilin liangjiang international airport. Xiang-gui railway, national highway 322 line, GuiHai highway, GuiWu, lijiang river waterway and highway, GuiXing highway construction in your wide high-speed railway passes through throughout. The amphibious transportation four-way sida convenient and quick to be always on the move.

3、配套齐全(3.   Integrity equipment)


Within the county,there is no lack of power:there are two 110,000 watt converting stations,powering the electric grids that crisscross the county,providing abundant power.The housing in the county is new and unique,with roads,drainage systems, landscaping,water provision,communication,postal services and logistics services improving daily.

灵川资源广博,物产丰富(Extensive Resources .Rich Produce)

1、农业资源:(1.Agricultural resources: )


in recent years,with the deepness of the adjustment of agricultural structure, characteristic fruit such as quality myrica rubra, peaches, pears, strawberries, grapes, loquat, crispy kumquat, passion fruit, etc. Perennial vegetable planting has begun to take shape.

2、林业资源:(2.Forestry resources:)


 the county forest coverage rate reached 73.15%, the total area of 106,000 hectares, bamboo, ginkgo, fir, pinus massoniana are the most important forestry resources, bamboo total storage volume reached more than 20 million , ginkgo plant area of 63,700 acres, plant more than 1000 years history, including ocean township of ginkgo biloba for the national township.

3、水电资源:(3.Hydropower resources: )


Lingchuan county has large and medium-sized reservoirs such as Qingtanshi Reservoir , Small dissolved jiang reservoir, Sianjiang Reservoir ,and 28 small (1) and (2) the type of reservoirs, more than 20 main stream and rivers such as the Lijiang river, Gantang river ,Peach- blossom River, East River, Chaotian River, etc .basin area of 2093.87 square kilometers, around 45000 kilowatts Theoretical potential hydropower resources 159 thousand kilowatts,Theoretical development of water resources reserves reached 4.5 thousand kilowatts.At present, the county has 52 small-scale hydroelectric stations , the installed capacity of 35,700 kilowatts, generating 66.31 million kw/h per year.

4、人力资源:(4. Human resources)


Guilin University of Electronic Technology,Guilin Medical  College,Nursing Institute,Guilin Technology University,Guilin Aerospace Industry College,Guilin Tourism College.The students in the  universities exceed by 100thousand. Here we have abundance of capable people.

5、矿产资料:(5、Mineral resources)


Lingchuan also has hugs resources of minerals including iron, lead, zinc, copper, crystal, marble,barite, limestone, dolomite and gold, There are over80,000,000 tons of limerstone reserve; over 1,000, 000 tons of lead and zinc; over 70,000,000 tons of iron and 14,000,000 cubic meters of high quality marble only found in areas once by the ocean side.

6、旅游资源:(6.Tourism resources:)


Lingchuan county since the song dynasty is famous for “Lingchuan Classic Eight Sights’ such as “Wenbiqianqiu” and “Silverjiang Night Scene” ,Dayu town, the prestigious historical and cultural town of China ,is famous from ancient times;ancient dwellings such as Jiangtou and Changgangling are listed under national key cultural relics protection .For now,Ling chuan county has been formed to Gudong scenic spot, Dayu ancient town, Mao zhou island, Ocean ginkgo forest scenic area, Daye landscape-based the eastern route of sightseeing , middle leisure tourism line based on food culture of the local flavor food, western tourism line based on the Qingtanshi provincial tourism resort, Jiangtou ancient dwellings of lotus-loving culture, Longmen waterfall , to gather large water park and unique bamboo town .Up to now. there is one 4-A class scenic area,two 3-A class scenic spots, ling chuan dog meat, chicken in light soup, Qingtanshi bighead carp, make Lingchuan tourism develop quickly.

灵川百业兴旺,社会祥和(Thriving Business,Harmonious Society)

1、 农业发展态势良好(1、Agricultural Development:)


Situation Favorabl Vigorously implementing agricultural development’s“696”project and“one Village one Product” project has resulted in obvious effects in modern agricultural industrialization and continual optimization in agricultural structure. Advantageous and specialty industrialization has undergone comprehensive growth. In 2012,the annual area of grain sown reached 506,300 acres(total produce 178,000 tones) and area of fruit planted reached 247,00 acres(total produce 182,000 tons).per hour.

2、工业发展后劲十足(2、Industrial Development: )


Potential Strong With metallurgy, chemical engineering, medicine, machinery construction, and high-tech as primary players, the industrial economy has developed rapidly, its leading position significantly strengthened. In 2012, county-scale industrial output value a total of 10.217 billion yuan, an increase of 49%. Representative enterprises include:Guilin Comilog Ferroalloy Co., ltd., Jinheng Ferroalloy Plant ,Jinshan Chemical Engineering, Baiyun Chemical Engineering, Dahua Medicine, Minghao Glass, Dihua Glass , Taohuajiang Machinery Construction, Xinxiwang Feed, and various other.

第三产业生机勃勃(The tertiary industry full of vitality )


In recent years,the  county to speed up the Gui-Huang highway to the   vehicle center of  eight street,engineering machinery,furniture,wood,building materials,medicine and other professional  market construction and development,pushing and  steady developments forward the great   southwest car  city,eight  steel  city  project construction,the introduction of  new automobile 4S shop 11,regional sales store a  total of  81,the total number of stores more than 20 engineering machinery. The healthy development of tourism,trade,logistics as the leading service industry,quali ty and efficiency   improved significantly,the year 2012,1866000 tourists trips,anincrease of 18%; implementation travel income 668000000 yuan,grow 31% compared to the same period.


In 2012, the county’s GDP totaled 10.565 billion yuan, up 18.9%;Size of gross value of industrial output 13.49 billion yuan, year-on-year growth of 40.84%; industry above designed size added value 3.85 billion yuan, rose 43.3%;The whole society fixed assets investment of 14.347 billion yuan, up 38.9%;In total retail sales of social consumer goods 3.585 billion yuan, up 23.47%;Fiscal revenue was 1.203 billion yuan, up 20.19%;Urban per capita disposable income and per capita net income of farmers reached 23297 yuan and 7700 yuan, respectively, year-on-year growth of 13.6% and 13.6% respectively.Introduction of new or increase projects are 96, throughout the year agreement capital of 20.42 billion yuan, the actual capital of 6.71 billion yuan.


In recent years, has won a lot of awards:the national scientific and technological progress county , advanced county of national popular science demonstration , advanced county of national family planning service, advanced county of national civil affairs, advanced county of national basic construction of irrigation and water conservancy, advanced county of national farm machinery safe demonstration county, the top 100 city of the most investment potential small and medium-sized cities of China,advanced county of the progress of science and development in Guangxi , advanced county of investment promotion and capital introduction in Guangxi, excellent tourism county , two-support model county of Guangxi province ,model county of two population and family planning work, the "two basics" advanced county of the vocational education the crucial , advanced county of good faith demonstration county family planning work,advanced county of new village cooperative ,advanced county of program achiving, advanced county of national fitness in the demonstration county district project, etc.Improving the county infrastructure, industrial base consolidate step by step, the third industry full of vitality, urban and rural appearance changing with each passing day.By building a harmonious, the county social climate, good public order, social overall situation remained stable, the people live and work in peace and contentment.


In Ling chuan investors can enjoy preferential policies of the coastal open areas in China, and can enjoy preferential policies of the western development, also can enjoy preferential policies of the ethnic minority areas and ethnic regional autonomy policy.Lingchuan county belongs to Guilin national comprehensive reform pilot area, can enjoy preferential policies of national service industry reform pilot.To encourage to invest in Lingchuan, to promote Lingchuan economic development and investor benefits win-win spirit, our county has formulated the " Balijie Industrial District", Ling chuan county has made" Balijie standard workshop construction using preferential measures," Ling chuan county investment of four-star hotel preferential measures, the industrial district, in Ling chuan county,Balijie (township clusters) the tentative management measures for project (enterprise) into the garden, "Ling chuan incentive enterprises speed up the development of interim measures", "Ling chuan investment preferential policy" and so on, a series of preferential investment policies for enterprises to reduce land, electricity, water, labor and other business costs, and strive to create an attractive and competitive policy environment.


the animation industry base in guilin and culture Creative industrial park project  in the eighth sign at the asean meeting

桂林希宇文化动漫创意产业园(Guilin yu cultural animation creative industrial park)


The sound services of the government towards investing enterprises,the public commitment to implement Policies and the tracking service of the county leaders all help investors retain their rightful profit. While the implementation of the supervision system,the enterprise evaluation of investment environment and tracking system of the various bureaus will ensure that the county government will be faithful to its word and vigorously create and protect a relaxed and harmonious investing environment.

灵川蓝图宏伟,前景广阔(Grang Blueprints, Broad Prospects)



Setting off on a new journey, Ling chuan county government will unswervingly around a goal " to do work and stronger industry, to optimize agriculture and tertiary industry,to develop Gantang River, building big county, to build a new spirit of sichuan" , speeds up the development as the first priority, as investment promotion and capital introduction of the important work to grasp, insist on changing location advantage, resource advantage into economic advantage, according to the construction of "Guilin north metro" boosting the county economy, the construction of more beautiful new spirit of lingchuan.

The development of Guilin city center , has ushered in the historic development opportunity, ling chuan was showed her sincere color appearance, welcome friends from all over the world to appreciate its elegant appearance, feel, hair-trigger unlimited business opportunities.

"Heros appreciate this land, businessmen cultivate the spirit of Lingchuan together", we firmly believe that all investors to Lingchuan can go a long way, all of the people make Lingchuan construction with lofty ideals will receive generous returns, the harmonious Lingchuan will be a stage of friends all over the world, must be the fertile soil of success.

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